Aggravation in application for German Certificate of Equivalence


Due to a high amount of new applicants and some amendments BG Verkehr has made for foreign vessels applying for a German CoE, the requirements to receive a CoE have become stricter and higher.

Especially for vessels that have just been Coded under MCA Workboat (or Brown Code) and have not been further classed by a classification society the German Authorities tightened the requirements and are

interpreting the regulations stricter than before which might even lead to major structural modifications.

Whereas formerly only certificates have to be handed in completely prior to an inspection, currently these documents are to be scrutinized and approved by BG Verkehr before an inspection date can basically be organized and is granted. This results in high lead times for on board inspections. BG Verkehr officially states partly up to 6 weeks. Furthermore, BG Verkehr reserves their right to also check construction and system drawings prior to an inspection.

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