Recent changes for IMCA CMID and MISW Audits

Being recently approached by a couple of vessel owners and operators who had problems with the acceptance of IMCA reports by their clients.

So far there were no restrictions for surveyors to carry out IMCA CMID and MISW surveys for vessels. However, due to a change of policy at IMCA meanwhile only IMCA accredited vessels inspectors do have access to the new and current IMCA survey templates (version 10) that are not only more comprehensive but also differ in certain aspects with regards to content.

Beside IMCA will soon be switching to online based IMCA reports and the electronic version of IMCA reports (eCMID) will only be accessible by accredited surveyors. IMCA is also working on a digital database where all IMCA vessels beloning or being managed by a company will be listed.

We recommend you to check if the surveyor who will be carrying out the next IMCA on one of your vessels is accredited by IMCA and does have access to the latest version of IMCA survey reports.   

As IMCA CMID Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVI) we are carrying out CMID and MISW Audits all along the German Baltic and North Sea coast (Rostock, Sassnitz, Wilhelmshaven, etc.), we are regularly in port of Sassnitz but also in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.