StormAdHoc Service for Workboat clients


BRAGER Solutions is offering a special service that facilitates inspections. We call this StormAdHoc service  which enables inspections on short notice. Within an official approval form the client (vessel operator) authorizes the captain/skipper to call us on short notice for an inspection and allows for a surcharge of 25% of the order total. A survey date can take place the same day, at night, being arranged on weekends, official or bank holidays or after office closing times when the office is usually not occupied. StormAdHoc means more flexibility in order to meet unforseen weather changes, it means additional options off the general working hours and less downtimes. Communication ways are shortened and more direct and the girl in the operator's company office is being taken coordination work between vessel and surveyor off their shoulders.

Order our StormAdHoc service and we guarantee for stress-free, speedy and straightforward inspections.