We propose the conversion of existing commercial vessels into security vessels. The key benefits are lower prices, more vessels from same brand and type available on the market, no hassle with export  licenses. Vessels have already commercial flag and class. Vessels can be selected according to specification requirements. Modifications can be done fast according to client’s needs. Purchases can be done step by step, no batch procurement required. Vessels are mostly equipped with standard European brand products. Modifications can also be done at final destination under



Standard Work

To make proper usage of these vessels as security vessel following work will be done prior delivery:
- repainting of hull and superstructure with commercial paint system in two different colors according to client’s wish
- new antifouling
- removal of aft deck seating arrangements
- removal of loose furniture in deck salon

Optional variations according to client’s needs:
- installing aft deck crane
- installing RHIB on aft deck
- labeling vessel with letters
- installing partitions in rooms to create new space
- installing equipment racks
- installing passenger seats in deck salon
- installing passenger table/mess in deck salon
- shipment to final destination

Possible After Conversion

Before Conversion


Ready to go

Our products can be fully customized and are ready to go products.


In cooperation with international partners we can provide assistance for finance and leasing.

Flag & Class

Each vessel needs to be approved by flag and class authorities to allow for operation. Our experience and relations to various classification societies and shipping registers faciliates the legalisation of vessels.

Technical modification

With experience in various different markets we are able to consult on and to integrate special technical equipment that is needed to perform certain duties with a vessel.


We assist with the transportation of vessel to any location worldwide.

Repair & Maintenance

We provide various repair and maintenance possibilities and services. Later can be either a long term service agreement or a short repair support.


Depending on the duties and operation areas of vessels various insurance models are possible.