We provide Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering and Ship Design.

From the concept of a vessel to the design and layout up to technical drawings and detailed engineering we offer a wide range of services for a variety of small vessels e.g. pilot and patrol boats, rescue boats, Offshore CTVs, RHIBs etc.

For new builds as well as conversions we provide the hull and interior design along with the plan for propulsion and system integraton. Beside we calculate the technical feasibility and define performance requirements.
Our services include furthermore the writing of specifications e.g. for official tenders, stability analysis, feasibility studies and plan approvals.

"You need also experienced project managers and consultants?"

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  • Conceptual Design - including Feasibility & Economic Studies;
  • Naval Architectural Design - including Hullforms, Stability, Powering & Seakeeping;
  • Structural Design - including Finite Element Analysis when required;
  • Engineering & Systems Design - including Piping & Electrical work;
  • Equipment Seating Design - including Cargo Seafastenings;
  • Drawings & Specifications
  • Steel / Aluminum / GRP / Wood

References: 119m Cargo vessel, 200m ferry, 200m+ bulk carrier, various yachts and tenders up to 50m, various yachts 10-90m (steel, aluminum, composites), special construction parts (cranes, large overhangs, doors, rudders, stabilisers, etc.,), 12m RIB, 27m Catamaran crew tender, 43m Offshore support vessel
Countries: Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, ...