We provide assistance in acquiring the German Certificate of Eqivalence, which is issued by the German Authorities. The Certificate of Equivalence is a requirement for all commercial vessels that are being operated in German waters.

We assist with selecting, collecting and scrutinizing existing certifications and handle all communication with the German Certifying Authority up to the final issuing.  



From August 1st on there will be two major alterations concerning the application process for the CoE which vessel operators/owners should prepare themselves for.

The German Authorities BG Verkehr just informed that from that date onward following changes come into effect:

  1. Inspections will only take place on the German coast. Having a vessel inspected outside of Germany won’t be possible any more.

  2. Only one vessel per day will be inspected by the BG Verkehr inspectors. No combined inspections of more than one vessel will be possible any longer.


The German Authorities (BG Verkehr) recently has changed their practice with the German Certificate of Equivalence (CoE) that leads to new situations and requirements vessel operators have to face. A CoE is not issued without a prior on board inspection by a surveyor of BG Verkehr. Inspection dates will be allocated by BG Verkehr in general within a period of 3 weeks time.

„According to § 9, § 5 and Annex 1 letter D of the SchSV, vessels with less than 500 GRT have to provide evidence of equivalency with regard to safety and environmental protection according to German law. This is documented by a Certificate of Equivalence (CoE).

Following regulation is currently in force:

1. Any vessel applying for a German Certificate of Equivalance for the first time has to provide evidence of the required certificates (for vessel and crew) and is furthermore subject to an on board inspection carried out by a surveyor of BG Verkehr.

2. The following years vessels younger than 5 years can apply for an extension of the CoE without being subject to an inspection, just by giving evidence of the annual endorsements of the certificates.

3. Vessels older than 5 years can only apply for a yearly extension of the CoE by giving evidence of the annual endorsements of the certificates and after an inspection of a surveyor of BG Verkehr. This procedure is to be followed for all subsequent years.